NBA 2K21 PS5, Xbox Series X Update Improved Player Likenesses

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NBA 2K21 was updated on the next-generation platform on Monday morning. Its PS5 version is 1.004.000. The considerable download volume may be the game’s largest patch so far, and some visual changes have been made, especially in the players and the ball. In terms of teams, players can purchase NBA 2K21 MT to obtain new items and powerful players. That being said, those looking for major gameplay changes may want to control their expectations. The patch description is summarized below.

Some teams have updated their city uniforms, including the Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers, Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Clippers. Players on these teams, such as Kemba Walker of the Celtics and Paul George of the Clippers, have also updated their images to make them more consistent with their opponents in real life. Others have improved the signature facial animation, although it is not clear who this applies to. The Toronto Raptors logo and city court updates, including the Nuggets and Philadelphia 76ers.

As the teams update New York City, they will undergo a holiday transformation. Starting from December 15th, cities in NBA 2K21 will be decorated in Christmas outfits. One notable change to NBA 2K21 on next-generation consoles is the size of the "green release" window. When shooting under fierce competition, the window has shrunk. This difference will make those already tough shots more difficult to sink.

This third update also packs fixes for various game issues, including settings that occasionally reset after entering and leaving the menu during the game. Other fixes include stabilizing MyNBA Online, eliminating random hangs during lottery issuance in MyWNBA and The W, and solving collision detection issues in Pro-Aam games. An "Advanced Support Project" has also been added to the preparations for "MyTeam Seasons". Finally, if you want to build a powerful MyTeam then please visit GameMS and purchase Cheap 2K21 MT.